I'll Stand Upon the Earth

But I Won't Stand Alone

Conrad Weller
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Name: Conrad Weller
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Half Mazoku, Half Human
Series: Kyou Kara Maou!

Background: Conrad has, perhaps, the deepest background of any Kyou Kara Maou! character.

As a child, he lived without worries. He had many friends, his father was training him to be a great swordsman, and his little brother, Wolfram, adored him. While these seem to be traits of a popular and snooty brat, Conrad was quite the friendly child. He even had parenting skills, often taking care of little Wolfram when his father was away and his mother was busy with royal work. He patiently taught his brother how to fight with the sword, and was basically the best big brother ever. When Dan Hiri, his father, would go off on another adventure, Conrad was always eager to follow, loving to travel with him to see the rest of the world. Along one of these trips, he met Yozak, a half-blood (Human and Mazoku blood) like himself. From then on, he and Yozak became lifelong best friends.

He seemed to be heading toward having a wonderful life. However, that all crashed down when his father died of old age. He was a human, after all, and humans age much faster than Mazoku and half-humans.

Wolfram found out Conrad was half-human, and immediately hated him for “betraying” him and being one of “them”. This revelation causes their relationship to be almost as if they were walking on eggshells around each other, Wolfram being harsh and bitter while Conrad tries his best to take the insults with a smile.

Since then, everyone became hostile towards the poor brunet. Shunning him for his blood alone, accusing him of disloyalty to the castle and future betrayal. This continued until Conrad grew older, and he met Susanna von Julia.

The constant insults and expectations Conrad grew up with caused him to be slightly cold to others. He hardly smiled anymore, and if he thought you were annoying, he’d say so. He thought of things politically, such as Adelbert and Julia’s soon-to-be-wedding. He found it good for the kingdom, that two houses joining together would benefit the country.

Once he met Julia, however, his view changed. Julia strived for peace between counties, for everyone to look past blood and see the true nature of people. Conrad was cynical at first, but as he grew to know her, he saw her dream as something to accomplish and make real. The two became close friends, and Conrad grew to have feelings for her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say anything about how he felt, for Julia was meant to wed to Adelbert. It’s unknown who Julia actually loved (Adelbert/Julia~ ;_;), but she did give Conrad a precious item: her pendant.

Later, Conrad was forced to go into a suicide war with his army. They were to go to battle earlier with hardly the proper equipment, all to “prove their loyalty” to the people. If they were to refuse, they’d be considered traitors. All of his troops went, and Conrad rode out on the frontlines, the most dangerous position of all.

The battle was almost like a massacre. All of Conrad’s troops were killed save for himself and Yozak. Conrad himself almost died, but the power of the pendant healed him and, unfortunately, took the last of Julia’s maryoku (power), killing her. It seemed that everyone Conrad knew and loved were leaving him, and the only thing he could think of doing was stay silent, brood, and have thoughts of suicide. Through thoughts and prayers of his family and friends (er, friend), those thoughts went away, and instead, Conrad’s cold self was shown again. It almost seemed as if he’d never smile again.

Then Ulrike, the messenger of Shinou, gave Conrad an important mission, one that would both finally prove his loyalty and perseverance. She told him to take Julia’s soul, kept safe within a protective bottle, to take to earth and transfer it to the future Maou of the world. Conrad doubted himself, even admitting to Ulrike that all he wanted to do was keep Julia’s soul for himself and run away and never come back. But it seemed Ulrike and Shinou had more faith in him than that.

Indeed, when Conrad went to Earth, he met Rodriguez, a man from Earth who was delivering a soul as well. While waiting for the right moment, he spent time with Rodriguez and Shibuya Shoma. When Conrad was to tell Shoma about the soul of the Maou being within his second son, he acted cold as usual, and Shoma grew furious. He didn’t like the fact that this man could be his son’s future protector. So, he made Conrad promise never to show an upset face around his second son.

He then showed Conrad different things on Earth, including baseball and how certain technologies work (though the latter was probably with help from Rodriguez as well). Over time, the wounds Conrad had from the war slowly began to heal, and he was able to smile when he considered the soul of the Maou as the sun (while Rodriguez did the same, only calling his soul (which happened to the Great Sage – Murata’s – soul) the moon).

Eventually, he succeeded in his mission. For three months, he stayed near the Shibuya family, keeping close watch over their youngest son, Yuuri. During those three months, an accident involving a kidnapping and a near death experience for Yuuri allowed Conrad to finally hold the baby, calming and soothing him from the nightmare that had occurred. He also sang “Love me Tender” to him (something which repeatedly makes me die of cute), although he didn’t quite know what exactly he was singing.

He went back to Earth after that, but not before stealing receiving a gift from Yuuri – a rubber duck which he’d cherish for as long as we see him. For fifteen years, he waited for Yuuri to come to Earth – to finally meet his king.

He was surprised, to say the least, once Yuuri did arrive. The awkward young teen wasn’t quite like what Conrad thought he’d be, yet he still grew close to him. The two mostly connected through their own special game – playing catch, the baseball way. There, they’d talk about anything and everything, or nothing at all. There was trust between the two (the “pitcher” and “catcher”. *snort*) that couldn’t be replaced.

Soon, Yuuri grew to be Conrad’s most important person, and the one he wanted to protect with his life. In one event, he even sacrificed his left arm, letting it be sliced off just so that Yuuri could escape from the enemies. After this event, though, it seemed he broke the trust that the two shared. He became the representative of Big Shimaron, the country that was against Shin Makoku. He kept his real objective hidden, meanwhile playing the role of a reluctant villain. (Note: There was a lot of Conrad/Yuuri gay in this arc. It made me very happy.)

Before it got too far, Conrad turned against Big Shimaron, once again protecting Yuuri by taking arrow shots for him. Even after that, he was reluctant to stay with Shin Makoku, feeling much too guilty about what he’d done, yet he made the excuse that he hadn’t finished Shinou’s mission yet.

The mission was to collect all of the boxes that held the spirit of the evil demon, Sousshu – for Yuuri’s sake. Shinou convinced Conrad that peace would reign through the land if he completed this task – something Yuuri wanted more than anything. Of course, Conrad didn’t hesitate to say no. But then Yuuri stepped in, telling him that if they were to find the boxes, they’d find them together. It was after a long discussion with Yuuri that Conrad finally returned to Shin Makoku, ready to serve Yuuri as both his advisor and his most trusted friend.

Personality: Conrad can be described as the perfect man to any girl who dreams of one. As Yuuri once said, he “has a perfect face and figure. His personality as well as his skills are great”. Meaning, he’s dashing, charming, handsome and kind to others.

While he is quite kind, he’d do absolutely anything to protect those that are important to him, even going as far as killing someone. He’s very fierce in this sense, almost fitting the title he had long ago of “Rutenburg Lion”. He’d go to any length and any distance for his loved ones, even at the cost of his happiness or his life.

He’s been so used to not getting what he truly wants that he’s learned to live with it and be happy with it. He’d be willing to love from a distance and be perfectly content there, never knowing what could’ve been. He’s also extremely stubborn, always finding a reason to stick with what he’s doing. It takes quite a bit of talking to and possibly a few punches thrown in order to change his view. Also, he’ll hide if anything’s bothering him. He’d rather not pester others with something that’s happening to him; instead, he wants to do what he can to help them out instead of himself. This shows that he’s very selfless, though one can say that he can show a tiny bit of selfishness every now and then. He can be somewhat… possessive of things that are important to him.

Conrad’s also been shown to have a little bit of sneakiness within him. Sometimes, his words can have a double meaning, and he can arrange somethings so that the people he loves will be happy without anyone knowing. And if anyone would ask about it, he’d just reply with a smile.

Let’s see…

To put it simply, he’s very helpful and sympathetic, and always willing to lend a listening ear or talk to someone in distress. He’d even try and crack a joke to make someone happy, but this often leads to someone forcing a laugh, for his jokes are quite horrible. It seems to be one of the only things he isn’t good at.

He can also sing and dance very well. :D In fact, it’s been said that he’s the best dancer in all of Shin Makoku. Yaaay. <3